Top 5 Benefits of Short Term Car Rental

Short term car rental is often the best option during weekend road trips and holiday getaways. Understandably, car ownership in Singapore can be expensive and this is also why many would prefer to rent vehicles as a daily mode of transportation or during special occasions.

Whatever it is that requires you to rent a car for the time being, short term car rental is the best way to go. It offers the same quality and service you need in owning your own car, but less the hassle and worries.

Without further ado, let us look at the top 5 benefits of renting a car.

  1.    Convenience

Similar to having your own car, you can drive to your designated location at your own time and convenience. You do not have to worry about fluctuations in taxi fares, public transport waiting period or the distance you need to walk to reach your intended destination.

Here at Wearnes, we offer affordable rates that range according to the type of vehicle you want to rent and the duration period required.

  1.    Wide Choice of Vehicles to Choose From

The reason for renting a car may differ for every person. It can be business-related, for a weekend date or a holiday road trip. Budget is also one of the main decision-making factors to consider. Select a vehicle that meets your requirements:

  •         Light commercial vehicles for moving homes/offices
  •         MPV’s for family road trips
  •         Luxury cars for dates or weddings
  •         Hatchbacks/sedans for a more economical alternative

Apart from short term rental, choose from our wide range of cars that are also available for long terrm leasing. Whether it’s only for a day or a year, there’s bound to be options for you to choose from.

  1.    Comfort

Public transportation can be crowded especially during peak hours. Aside from that, waiting time can be a hassle. The convenience of having your own car ensures a more comfortable and pleasant trip.

  1.    Freedom to Explore

Exploring the city is a lot easier when you have your own car. Your itinerary is in your own hands, so you don’t have to worry about anything else. Planning to stop by at a coffee shop or at a fast food drive-thru for a quick meal? All of that can be done when you have your own vehicle compared to taking the public transportation.

  1.    Breakdown Assistance and Recovery

You can be rest assured of our commitment to you even while you’re on the road. Expect immediate response when you notify us on any breakdown or accident. For your own peace of mind, such assistance is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Looking to rent a car? Get in touch with us so that we can assist you in finding the right vehicle that meets your budget and requirements. Contact us today at 6876 5068!

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