Things to Take Note When Renting a Car in Singapore

Singapore may be one of the most advanced countries with the best and most convenient public transportations, but it doesn’t change the fact that a lot of Singaporeans are still keen to spend a fortune on buying their own vehicle. Convenience on the road is what makes most of us happy and having your own car achieves just that. Having your own car includes other expenses such as road tax, insurance, and so on. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford this in Singapore.

The next best thing? Renting a car is the perfect alternative that provides the same convenience of transportation, minus the worries of other financial obligations. Here’s a walkthrough on some of the factors you need to take note before renting a vehicle.


Determining What You Need

First off, you have to know exactly what you need and the purpose of renting a vehicle.

a.   What type of car do you require? (Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, MPV, Van, etc)
Know what type of car you need according to your budget and the occasion that you would need it for. Rates may differ as factors such as engine capacity, car model, accessories and the period you need all come into play when it comes to pricing.

Special occasions such as Chinese New Year and Christmas may have a spike in the usual rental prices, so it is important to take note of these dates as well. For big families, select vehicles that has the capacity to accommodate everyone. And if you are planning for a date, do consider something luxurious to impress.

b.   Rental duration you require.
Work out the rental duration you require based on your budget. Do take note that most companies do not operate during weekends, so you would need to collect the vehicle on a Friday and return it on a Monday.

c.   Plans to drive up to Malaysia?
If so, best to contact the car rental service provider as surcharges may be applicable.


Be Mindful of Rental Policies and Requirements

Policies may differ for each rental company. Do make sure to compare with one another to determine which one works best for you.

a.   Minimum years of driving experience
The minimum required years of driving experience may vary depending on the company you’re engaging. For Wearnes Leasing, we require minimum 2 years of driving experience.

b.    Minimum age of driver
Just like the minimum years of driving experience, the minimum age of the driver also varies differently across companies. For Wearnes Leasing, 24 years old is the minimum age.

c.   Are ‘P’ plate drivers allowed to rent?
‘P’ plate drivers are what we call Probationary drivers which refer to those with less than one year of driving experience. Most companies, like us, do not allow ‘P’ plate drivers to rent a car, so do enquire on the eligibility to rent if you are a probationary driver.


Know the Terms and Conditions

Once you’ve figured out what you want, all you need to do now is to understand the terms and conditions that come along with the rental.

a.    Are you covered by insurance?
It’s important to make sure that you are covered by insurance when you rent a vehicle. You’ll most likely tumble upon the term “insurance excess” which means, the fixed amount that you have to pay in the event of an accident. Think of it as the service fee to the insurance company that will shoulder the rest of the repair costs.

b.   Take note of the security deposit
Security deposit is mandatory in case the person who rents their vehicle causes damage or violates the terms and agreements in the contract. Not to worry though, because this is refundable as soon as you return the vehicle in the same condition.


Aside from all these, you would also need to research on items like the cancellation fee, refund clauses, and more, to ensure that there is transparency and there will be no hidden charges. Once everything is settled, you’re ready to rent a car!

Do give us a call at 6876 5063 if you are looking for a reputable and reliable car rental company. We would be happy to serve you.

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