The top 5 car rental mistakes that you should avoid

Car rental mistakes to avoid

For any traveller out there, transportation will probably end up being one, if not the most, important expense during the entirety of their trip. Putting most of your travel budget on transportation will most likely put a dent in your wallet. Knowing this, one must take great care to avoid these commonly-made car rental mistakes while travelling.


1.     Rent a car in airports

We get it. Airports provide a convenient way to rent cars. With a sales representative standing in front of a line of cars ready to be driven, it seems easier and less stressful to just take up an offer to lease a car in the airport and drive to your hotel.

What most people don’t know is that airports charge car rentals an additional fee for their location, which is then passed on to the clueless renter. Additional fees like taxes and surcharges may even raise the price even higher. All these factors only lead to one thing: higher charges for car rentals.

Even if you’re planning on a short-term car lease, it may be better for you to rent a car from a car rental company outside of the airport which will not only lower your expenses by a wide margin, but might also save you the hassle of handling the long lines at the airport.


2.     Signing without reading

When renting cars, a contract will always be involved. A rule of thumb for signing contracts is to always read every single word written. Understand the contract details as well as the requirements, penalties, and every little fine print. Rushing through a car rental contract in your excitement to get to your destination is one of the biggest mistakes you can commit when renting a car.

Doing so will run you the risk of paying for extra features and services that you don’t even need, increasing the expenses made to your vacation budget. Fuel packages, radio upgrades, and overpriced insurance can fall under the things that you probably won’t need.


3.     Paying more for GPS

One of the most availed offers for cars when travelling is probably a GPS. With sales talks convincing you that the local roads are hard to navigate, you’ll probably think that getting a GPS device for this vacation at a cheaper price is an absolute steal. Even if it isn’t free, it isn’t that too costly anyway, right? The thing is, depending on the duration of your stay, you might end up racking more expenses just by availing of a GPS service, especially if most mobile devices today are capable of the same thing for no charge at all!

When you rent a car in Singapore, stick to using phone apps or check out a local tourist brochure since they usually come with in-depth directions and a local map already. An even better solution is to do your research before starting your vacation to avoid roadblocks, construction zones, and many others.


4.     Skipping car rental inspections

Car inspections are considered by many to be a huge hassle, especially if you’re already tired from the flight to your destination. The problem is, inspecting vehicles is an important routine when it comes to car rental in Singapore

Any scratches, body dents, cracked windows, stains on the upholstery, and any other minor and often-overlooked damage may end up costing you, literally. When failing to report these damages before you leave the lot, you’ll end up getting charged for it, even if you aren’t the cause of them.

When doing car inspections, ask the agent for a walk-around, making note of any issues that you’ve noticed beforehand. If it’s possible, you can also file an official report that these damages are already present on the vehicle even before you’ve driven off with it.


5.     Overdue returns

Return deadlines are important for items you’ve borrowed, probably even more so when a vehicle is involved. When renting cars, there will always be a deadline for its return that must be followed to the letter. While some companies offer an hour-long grace period at most, some aren’t so considerate.

Losing track of time and going overdue on your return deadline may cost you a fee that’s equal to a whole day of renting, even if you were late for only 5 minutes. Before renting a car, clarify when the exact date and time that a rented car should be returned and if there are any grace periods if you’re running late. Always stick to your schedule to not only avoid overdue fees, but to also avoid ruining your vacation.


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