5 Reasons Why You Should Drive an Electric Car in Singapore

With the number of electric vehicle (EV) launched this year, it comes to no surprise that EVs would eventually replace conventional fueled vehicles on the road in the near future. While the concept of EVs are still relatively fresh in Singapore, they have been gaining popularity in the past few years.

Let us look at 5 reasons why you should consider electric car as your next car of choice.


1.) It’s Eco-Friendly


There’s no debate in declaring that electric cars are more beneficial to the environment. With batteries and electricity, EVs provide lower toxic emissions of pollutive and greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide.

Electric cars also offer a lower amount of noise pollution. And when you eliminate noise from the environment, you’re providing a more peaceful surrounding for others. Driving EVs simply allows you to contribute to a more environmentally friendly Singapore.



2.) Electric Cars Allow You to Save Money


The price tag on an electric car may seem steeper than regular cars. However, you are definitely able to save more in a long run. According to Singtech, refuelling a petrol-driven car costs around $3,200 every year, while recharging an electric car only accumulates to around $550 annually.

Unlike cars with internal combustion engines, the absence of engine oils and the fewer count of moving parts in EVs also result in cheaper maintenance costs.



3.) More Charging Stations in the Years to Come


The lack of charging stations today may be a contributing factor to why most Singaporeans find it hard to grasp the idea of electric vehicles.

However, this issue has been addressed as SP Group announced that it will be installing 1000 charging points in convenient locations such as shopping malls, residential areas, business parks and etc across the island by 2020. 250 of these new charging points will be high-powered direct current chargers which allows users to charge their vehicle within 30 mins.

With more charging stations popping up in the coming years, drivers would find driving an electric vehicle to be more convenient than a regular fueled vehicle.


4.) Industry-Leading Design


Gone are the days when futuristic cars were only seen in the movies. With EVs populating our streets today, you can easily spot aesthetically pleasing cars that embody a sleek look and a commanding presence. EVs also have a remarkable interior design, making them a perfect choice of those wanting to make a statement while taking a ride.


5.) Better Overall Driving Experience


Electric vehicles provide instant torque, resulting in a smoother and more responsive acceleration and deceleration. Aside from that, they also offer better interior space and cargo versatility because of the fewer amount of components in them.

So whether you want to bring your friends for a drive, or eyeing a weekend adventure, you can always trust EVs to give you the driving experience most cars can’t offer.


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