5 Apps Every Driver Should Have in Singapore

Driving around Singapore can be stressful to some because there are so many things to be aware of, such as changes in routes, parking rates, traffic situations, and so on. Living in the digital age now, life on the road has become seemingly more convenient because of our smartphones and mobile apps that give drivers access to all the relevant information they need. There are apps that can help them navigate their way around the city, an app that shows them where to park and how much that would cost them, as well as an app on valet services!

Here are 5 apps that every driver should have in Singapore.


1.) Parking.sg


Parking.sg allows cash-less payment of parking fee, without the need for coupons. It has been developed with the help of the Government Technology Agency, Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and Housing Development Board (HDB).

With such an app, drivers can simply register the car, indicate the parking duration they need and pay using their debit/credit card. The app will notify them 10 minutes before their session expires, giving them the option to extend if needed. If the parking session that has already been paid for wasn’t maximised, unused time will be refunded.



2.) Waze


Waze is one of the most popular navigation apps that has been around for quite some time now. It is community-driven, giving you real-time, crowdsourced information from other users about the traffic, law enforcement activities and recommended routes. It also provides you with a more accurate estimated time of arrival to your destination of choice.



3.) Carpark Rates


Carpark Rates is also a useful app on which you can search for available parking lots (and their rates) before you arrive at your destination. This allows the user to find the cheapest available parking space that is located within their vicinity.


4.) SG Traffic Cam


Traffic can be frustrating in Singapore. With SG Traffic Cam, you’ll have access to live photos that can show you what roads to avoid, so that you can plan your route wisely. It’ll show you the traffic conditions in certain places and can be very informative on which expressways you can take instead. This is helpful especially if you are looking to drive to Malaysia.


5.) Jocky


Jocky is a cashless valet service app that allows you to book a valet driver to get you and your car to your preferred destination. This app is recommended for those drunken nights when you just need to get home safely or for any occasion that you may find convenient. The base charge is priced at $38, with surcharges for extra hours and additional drop-offs.

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