4 Premium Car Types For Wedding Leasing

It is undeniable that a luxurious car is a key presentation to a bride and groom’s big day. Yes, it might cost a bit more if you were to rent a luxury car. But when it come to your big day, there is no doubt one will spare any expense for such a trivial matter. Before you think which wedding car is suitable, which will bring out more character and class or which wedding car is more value for money, enabling you to benefit from stunning pictures and priceless mementos, here are some other key points to take note. Which most people do not think about until it is too late!Lease a wedding car from a reputable leasing company. Having a problematic car on your wedding day is simply unimaginable and definitely unacceptable. Let’s face it, cars do break down. But it should not happen on your wedding day! With 101 things to do and attend to on that very day, you might want to spend that good amount of money on a reputable leasing company that can handle all the unnecessary problems, for you. Giving you a piece of mind, so you can focus truly on other important stuff.

At Wearnes Leasing, we pride ourselves in being an all rounder in the automobile industry that leases an array of continental luxury cars. We value add to our clients’ needs by working within their expectations in matching the car and pricing. Hence , prior to making the decision on the final wedding car to lease, always ring up Wearnes Leasing to enquire on the prices of their range of luxury wedding cars to choose from. Our  friendly client experts who have been in business for more than 30 years will be more then happy to serve you or even assist you should you be spoilt for choices. You would not really know which wedding car to choose from until you head down to Wearnes Leasing to check it out for yourself. Be it a Jaguar, a Volvo to a Land Rover, or even an INFINITI, you will definitely be spoilt for choice at Wearnes Leasing.

Now let us see some of these choices you can choose from.

Jaguar XF

Just the looks of this beauty, oozes out class and luxury. The size of this car is definitely set to make a grand appearance anywhere! It is no wonder this car is the most sort after wedding car rental from Wearnes Leasing. It is so popular that normally advance booking is needed for this car model. Super spacious at the back of this car, providing plenty of room for the bride and groom. It was feedback too from clients that the photographer have plenty of space to do their job in the car. Top choice!

Land Rover Evoque

If you are more of an adventurous and really want to add a wow factor to your wedding montage video, you might want to keep in view this luxurious looking SUV. It is a high performance,versatile car that displays masculinity. A unique choice for those who are not looking for a conventional wedding car like a sedan and looking to kick off the wedding with a grand entrance. Definitely a head turner on your big day.

Volvo S60

This is another popular choice. This model will definitely impress your friends and family and your in-laws. Volvos are known to build classic cars which highly emphasises on safety features. This pick is definitely a more budget-friendly option without having to compromise on status and luxury. So if you are looking for a practical car with status class and safety, this is a very safe bet!


Our next choice is the INFINITI Q50. High advance technology and providing higher safety. Undeniably, the INFINITI Q50 is definitely a car that exudes effortless style and edginess with its sporty outlook, adding a touch of cool yet sophisticated vibe to the wedding! Before you make any decision, it is always important to choose a leasing company you can trust. Reliability and safety should always be the top priority. Check out our cars here!


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